Axon International, Inc. was established in 1996 as a freight forwarder and steadily been growing in the very strong basis in its business circles. Starting out as a small, yet eager and devoted company with the primary goal of customer satisfaction, Axon International, Inc. has grown into a comprehensive international transportation company serving almost every type of shipping needs, from a piece of nut and bolt to a large-scale project. To date, we have successfully overcome obstacles and that has made us benefit our valuable clients in patronage and support.

          The spirit of Axon International, Inc., under the customer oriented and well trained management, always meets the unique demands of valued long lasting clients by rendering the most economic, safe, and fast way of transportation, and in doing so we can continue to develop and invest in the most efficient and advanced Mode of Transportation. Due to excellent contracts with various Steamship Line, Airlines, other associations, and strong support from our valuable clients, together with dedicated employees toward customer satisfaction continued to prosper and success.

          Once again, we would like to take this opportunity to offer our sincere gratitude to all of our valued friends both at home and abroad who encouraged us throughout our brief history. We, Axon International, Inc., are committed to providing quality service without fail. Thank you for your continuous patronage and we wish your great success.

Sincerely Yours,

Stephen Kim/President

Scope of Business

1.  Cargo Consolidation

We operate the regular consolidation service at our "CFS" from the premium location to major ports and/or points in the world and implement L.C.L. consolidation service with a fixed weekly sailing schedule for Ocean (Shanghai FAK & Busan FAK) and flexible frequency weekly schedule for Air ( Shanghai, China. , Incheon, Korea., Central America/Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, Dominica Republic etc.)
Axon employs experienced and skilled consolidators who can always load and L.C.L. cargo effectively and cautiously. We are ready to assist with any of your needs if you are looking for competent, efficient, and reliable resources to handle your L.C.L. freight as we maintain complete control over your cargo.

2.  N.V.O.CC. (FMC No.: 17431NF)

We operate the N.V.O.C.C. service from, all points and / or port in the world and vice versa under the most competitive service contract rate with major reliable carriers of which we have been contributing a remarkable volume of cargo.

With the networked branches and agents throughout the world, we can transport any type of goods to any point safely and quickly.

3.  Trans-Shipment (Re-Forwarding Service)

We operate transshipment of cargo middle & south America and third-world countries via U.S.A. port so that our clients can save the shopping cost and time.(GUA, MGA, SAP, SDQ, SCL) We have the expertise in customs regulations and procedures in U.S.A. We provide any relevant information at the client's request, on a timely basis.

4.  Air Freight Services

Consolidation Services:
We offer you an exceptional value without sacrificing efficiency, punctuality and accuracy with is in demand more than ever. We consolidate from major airports in the USA to any point in the world.(HKG, PVG, ICN) Our volume of transaction not only assures you of attractive rates but also excellent transit time performance, which are benefits you can enjoy from our air freight consolidation service.

The resources we build up with all major air carriers can give you benefits from reduced rates on high volume air-freights to any destination in the world through aircraft chartering at either full or part space at your demand.

Based on the experience and knowledge that we obtained during the performance of various types of projects, we offer specialized handling of heavy and abnormal air freight, including customized rigging and grounding work both at the loading and unloading sites. We provide you with worry-free handling that deliver the air freight free of damage.

5.  Sea/Air Combined Transportation

We offer you benefits to achieve your ideal mode of transportation, that is, short transit time al low cost, by air-freight service with economical sea transportation.

6.  Project Cargo Management

We have successfully serviced EHV-Weidmann’s products to Far East countries from USA. And we have the ingenuity and expertise to handle the world's toughest challengers with well trained and experienced field master who will execute your demands for the handling of massive parts and assemblies for your project and plant.
While we are proud of our remarkable performance, we have accomplished during the last several years, we are known for having one of the most comprehensive capabilities to handle specially complicated large scale shipment as part of materials for "POWER PLANT", "PETROCHEMICAL PLANT", "CEMENT PLANT", "STEEL MILL PLANT", "AIRPORT CONSTRUCTION PLANT and so on. So for your large-scale projects, please be sure to contact Axon Int'l first, where you will meet with you "We can, We will" attitude when others say it could not be done, we will find a way to do it and do it very well.

7.  E-Business (B to C, B to B)

To ride current business trend, we started E-Business style service. We established complete computer network system to support this cutting-edged business form, therefore we can provide service for any kind of E-Business administrative systems and models. We will keep up with all kind of progress in freight forwarding for the future.  

8.  General Warehousing, Distribution & Storage Services

We are maintaining our own 10,000 sq. ft. space of warehouse on gross land area 24,000 sq. ft.. With 2 trucking docks and 2 overhead docks accompanied by 2 forklifts, our warehouse system is so fast and accurate. This facility equips with D. G. Storage, Level Storage Rack, two Electric Auto Scales (up to 20,000 lbs. measure capacity) to make it easy. And the 24 hours security system, as well as cargo liability insurance, fire insurance, valuable cargoes, E&O insurance secures your cargos. We offer the following services with well-equipped 25,000 Lbs of lifting capacity the combination and packing machine. 

Container Freight Station (CFS) Service & Container Loading,
Securing and Stripping, Distribution Service-Inventory
We distribute the product as your requested order and control inventory and report weekly basis and secure the storage in W/H. Specially, Most of auto parts need warehousing service and distribute and inventory control for JIT system.
Long & Short Term Storage

9.  Household Goods & Personal Effects Moving

In the spirit of partnership with clients’ shoe are facing difficulties in organizing their moving affairs, we established a team of specialized and experienced persons to always serve you experience, safety, resourcefulness, and personal care, which are qualities that makes our client confident in the service of Axon International as the right choice.

10.  Cargo Insurance Agency

We are registered Insurance Agency for cargo liability and multi-model transportation. We covered under condition precedent to the liability of the uninsured hereunder that during the currency of the policy the assured contracts.
Whenever you want to insure the your own cargo, We will work for you as your insurance agency.